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Local News

04/16/14 In Fairfax county, 2 of Washington’s top high schools have had 2 boys commit suicide in a span of 48 hours. Schools are holding assemblies and seminars. Parents are urging mental health screening. One school is even using milk and cookies. Suicide is among the third-leading cause of death among American teens

National News

04/17/2014 Of the 10 most obese states in the US, 8 of them went Republican. This is no coincidence because Republicans promote policies that tend to enrich poverty and poverty and obesity often go together. An abundance of people lack health insurance and strongly oppose the Affordable Care Act

International News

04/17/2014 Ukrainian forces engaged pro-Russian separatists Thursday in what happened to be the most intense battle yet on the restive east, killing 3 militants and wounding 13 after what the Interior Ministry described as a siege on a military base in the Southeastern city of Mariupol on the sea of Azof