Asian/Asian Pacific American

Asian/Pacific American Heritage

Asian Pacific American (APA) students make up 13.1% (3,754) of Mason’s total student population (2011-2012), with One-Year Persistence Rate of 91.7% (2010) and Six-Year Graduation Rate of 73.5% (2005). There are over sixteen Asian cultural student organizations at Mason. APA students and other students who are interested in cross-cultural learning can get involved.  As a voice for the APA student population, Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) works with other APA student cultural organizations to promote APA perspectives, raise cultural awareness towards APA issues, and network and collaborate with other progressive political voices on campus.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

The month of April is designated Asian Pacific American Heritage Month for the George Mason University community. During this month, Mason students, faculty, and staff will celebrate the cultural significance of Asian Pacific Americans as well as focus on issues of defining the Asian Pacific American identity.  Events throughout the month celebrate Asian cultural heritages, acknowledge contributions and achievements, as well as provide an in-depth exploration of the roles of Asian Pacific Americans in American society. Click here for the past calendar of events!

Asian/Pacific American Community Resources

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