“Cultural heritage is the well spring of creativity.  Creation draws on the roots of cultural tradition but flourishes in contact with other cultures. For this reason, heritage in all its forms must be preserved, enhanced and handed on to future generations as a record of human experience and aspirations, to foster creativity in all its diversity and to inspire genuine dialogue among each other”. (UNESCO 2001)

Hispanic Latino Leadership Association (HLLA)

Formed in 2010, the Hispanic Latino Leadership Association (HLLA) is a planning committee of dedicated e-board members from ten recognized student organizations at George Mason University.  HLLA, in collaboration with ODIME, plan the annual Hispanic Heritage Month events, and key community programs throughout the academic year.  Our goals are to empower, educate, and advocate within our diverse Mason community through the sharing of our cultural virtues, enthusiasm and engagement in civic leadership, and meaningful connections.

Our success in building a familia at Masonis dependent upon our own unity, standing on common ground towards a higher vision of true collaboration, compassionate leadership and inclusive community practices.  For more information about HLLA, or to collaborate on a program or event, please contact coordinator, Jennifer Crewalk at jcrewalk@gmu.edu

As the Lambda Theta Alpha motto states, Latin by tradition but not definition.  This means that all organizations below welcome interested students regardless of background, ethnicity, race or language fluency.

Student Orgs and Campus Partners

These student organizations and university affiliated partners all play a key role in supporting Hispanic/Latino(a) students at Mason.

Updated on Thursday, March 16th, 2017