The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education at George Mason University invites you to utilize our annotated bibliography of current research in diversity and multicultural issues. The listed articles offer interdisciplinary perspectives on multicultural education and are organized into research areas including: communication studies, higher education, race, gender, white privilege, and religion. The annotated bibliography is a helpful resource for students interested in exploring diversity issues for research papers and presentations.

Multicultural Research and Practice

We collaborate with academic and support units on campus to provide original applied research on topics related to multicultural education, training and learning in an annual publication we named Mosaic.

Mosaic featured researchers such as Mary McRae from New York University and Sarah Brazaitis from Columbia University who both conduct research on the relationship between white women and women of color; Professor Hafiz Shabazz from Dartmouth College who engages students in global multicultural education through world musicianship; Robert Jensen who addresses white race privilege, and others.

The publication was designed to inspire scholarship between faculty and students relative to the various collaborations that ODIME fosters. In practice, we facilitate and co-sponsor campus events and programs that explore themes of multicultural education, diversity, impact of oppression and more.

Though Mosaic is currently on hiatus, we are exploring continue to collaborate with other research initiatives that highlight diversity projects at Mason.

Updated on Friday, April 8th, 2016