Aneesa Ansari


Aneesa Ansari is an undergraduate student majoring in Government/International Politics and is expected to graduate in May 2018. Their academic interests outside of political science include cultural studies, history, literature, economics, and the intersections between those fields. They currently reside in Chantilly but have lived in Illinois, Colorado, and other parts of Northern Virginia.

Aneesa joined the ODIME team in the fall semester of 2014 as a student office assistant before working alongside Dr. Rebecca Walter and Josh Bauzon as one of the classroom project coordinators. Outside of ODIME, they are involved in GMU’s Model United Nations club and, recently, with GMU Student Power.

In their spare time, Aneesa enjoys reading, drawing, playing video games, and catching up on much needed sleep.

Contact Aneesa at 703.993.2700 or e-mail: with the text “Attn: Aneesa” in the subject line.