Jennifer Crewalk, Assistant Director

Jennifer Crewalk

Ms. Jennifer Crewalk (pronounced Cree-walk) has been on the professional staff of ODIME as an Assistant Director for nine years. She is of Costa Rican, Spanish, Hungarian and Irish heritage.

Jennifer’s primary responsibilities include educational programming for Latino Student Affairs. She is the advisor for four recognized student organizations and coordinates the annual Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15th- October 15th) with the Hispanic Latino Leadership Alliance (HLLA).

Ms. Crewalk has been on the Mason Dreamers Advisory Board since its inception and supports students in their access, education and advocacy efforts on campus and in the community.

Jennifer earned a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University and a MSEd in Intercultural Communications from the University of Pennsylvania. She is completing her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology here at Mason.

Jennifer enjoys being a resource for yoga, meditation and Peace Corps (RPCV 2004 Nicaragua) Contact Jennifer directly for an appointment.

Contact Jennifer at 703.993.2700 or