The SERJ team directly supports and serves communities of color who have been historically marginalized in higher education. SERJ is charged with raising awareness and visibility of racial and ethnic identity through educational programs, cultural celebration and ceremonies, and promoting equitable practices in the university setting.

Communities We Serve

Asian/Asian Pacific American, Black/African, Hispanic/Latinx, Middle Eastern/Northern Africa (MENA), Native American/Indigenous


Cultural Heritage Month Programming, Affinity Graduation Ceremonies, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration, Programs and Discussions Centering Race and Ethnicity, and more.


Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies Minor, Alumni Engagement, Faculty and Staff Affinity Groups, and more.

Student Support

Student Coalition Leadership Development (summits and retreats), Direct student referrals to Student Services including: Counseling and Psychological Services, University Career Services, Financial Support Services, and more.

Brandi Blake (She/Her)

Associate Director for SERJ

Crystal Davidson (She/Her)

Assistant Director for SERJ

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